4th March – Airport to Phuket
We checked out of hotel in KL, did a workout in the gym and laid by hotel pool until time to go to Airport. We arrived in Phuket at 7pm. Weather in Phuket was in the 30s, cooler at nighttime. First impressions of Phuket is fab beaches, lots of tourists, tuk tuks and taxis. We stayed in Kata district about 40 min from airport after Patrong and Karon and 7 mins walk to beach. We had heard Patong is the party town so were keen to go somewhere a little quieter. Kata is busy, lots of street markets selling fruit and clothing. Our accommodation was the Kata view guesthouse, we had a lovely room with balcony. The owners, a family, were friendly and helpful. We did laundry, it is great all we do is give our bag into reception and that evening our clothes were neatly folded in bags left on our bed. Lucky to have such good service.


5th March – Kata beach, Phuket
Today we had a beach day, the water was beautiful, clear and small waves. That evening we went for dinner at a thai restaurant. Paddy had a thai red curry and I had a mascman curry. Food was lovely.


6th March – Phi Phi island
We caught a morning ferry to Phuket. Ferry was crammed with tourists. We sat on top to get a good view of the islands as we went. The ferry was two hours.

ImageThe weather was 32 degrees and sunny. We arrived off the ferry and was met by a lot of people selling accommodation. We picked a place and a driver took our bags in a kart and showed us to our accommodation. Phi phi doesn’t have any major roads, there are no cars and the locals cycle around or push carts when moving food, drink or tourists luggage. The streets are full of stalls selling clothes, jewellery, food. We went to the beach, had a swim in the calm waters and watched the sunset.

We went out for dinner and a few drinks, there is a lovely bar called Carlito’s where we had beer and cocktails (Piña colada). We watched the fire show at 10pm and went for another cocktail in the Irish bar. After we walked to the beach, which was full of people partying with buckets of local drink which was selling for about 200 batt. There were rings of fire which people were jumping through and a bar of fire where people were doing the limbo. A bit of a late one.


7th March – Long boat tour Phi Phi Islands
Today we met a tour at 9.30 to go our on a long boat for the day around the Phi Phi Islands. There was about twenty tourists on the boat. The weather was fab about 32 degrees. We had breakfast (thai curry a first for breakkie) and lunch provided along watermelon and water. The tour was awesome, went to great beaches, lots of swimming and snorkelling. Image

Last stop was to see Maya beach where the film the beach was filmied, it is lovely, the boats pulling up ruin the view a little but it is still awesome. We got back in the evening about 6 and watched the sun setting on the way. Went for dinner and a few more cocktails.Image

8th March – Phi Phi & Ferry to Ko Lanta
We were up early, Patrick went and got the ferry tickets for Ko Lanta. We went for a morning hike up to viewpoint. There were a lot of steps up, the view from the top was great. We stopped at two view points and got some great pics of the island. There was a picture board which showed phi phi in 2004 before the tsunami. When comparing to the viewpoint now you can see how much more developed it is now with more boats. On the walk back down I fell awkwardly and grazed one of my legs and two hands. It was sore, luckily nothing broken or sprained. I brought detol which came in handy. My hand is grand now.



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