Northern Thailand, Chiang mai and Pai

21st-22nd March Pai – Bangkok, Thailand – Hanoi, Vietnam

Today we left Pai at 11.30am to take the bus back to Chiang Mai where we caught the overnight train to Bangkok. We went to the Atrium hotel for breakfast and taxi to the airport. It started to rain heavily and some thunder, no flight delays thankfully. Flying time was less than two hours, we flew with vietjet.

image“Preparing the beds on the overnight train”

 18th-20th March Pai, Northen Thailand

We travelled by bus to Pai, a small hippie town near the boarder in Thailand. The journey was 3.5hours across two mountains, the roads were so twisty.  That evening we sorted out some activities for the following day. A cooking course for myself and bike ride for Patrick. The town lost power that evening which happen frequently over the next two days. The town was lit by candles which gave a nice atmosphere.

image“streets of Pai”

The following day I did a cooking course with Red Orchard consisting a visit to a local market to purchase fresh ingredients and cooking five meals including a red curry, Papaya salad, chicken fried rice, pad thai noodles. It was a one-on-one course as it was off season so that was good also. I really enjoyed it especially learning of the thai ingredients used and making the red curry paste. I made so much food, I got takeaway and had plenty for Patrick to eat that evening.

image imageimage image  image image image 

 Patrick enjoyed the food and told me about his day where he visited memorial bridge, a canyon, Pam Bak waterfalls, Pai view point and on the way back into town drove through a Chinese village to another viewpoint.

image imageimage image image image

The next day I did a Muay Thai training day consisting of a morning 8-10 and evening class 3-5 in thai boxing. Paddy gave me a lift down on the bike befpre taking out for another spin. The Muay was great, so much fun and a great workout. The first hour of each class was spent learning boxing and kicking technique and practicing one-on-one with a trainer. They were very precise and corrected until you were showing correct form. The second hour was circuits and both sessions ran over as we did sit-ups and push-ups and blank/side blanks. All of the people I spoke to were taking the class for at least one week and more for one month. I spoke to an Irish guy was there sense December. I will definitely take some more sessions when I get back to Perth, the gym in Morley have classes run by thai boxers who trained in Thailand. The trainers and three boxers, one a girl, were travelling to Chiangmai the following day for a fight. We might have gone to it only we were travelling back to Bangkok.

image image

 17th March St. Patricks Day, Chiangmai

Today we did a one day elephant trekking tour with eight other tourists. We stopped off at an orchid and butterfly farm and then took a ride on a bamboo raft through the jungle area which was cool as we saw some elephants bathing in the water. After we did a 30 minute elephant ride on the back of an elephant at an elephant farm. The motion of the elephant is so slow and smooth. The elephants skin feels like leather. It was a fun ride. This was followed by a nice lunch and a trek to waterfall for a swim.

image image image image image image image imageimage 

That night we went to UN Irish bar for a few drinks. The pub was full of people in green. We took seats upstairs where an Irish band played music for the evening. The music started with a man playing a couple tunes on the bag pipes, this reminded me of my cousin Patrick who would be playing the bag pipes a few hours later in the New York parade. The main singer in the band was an Irish lady from Belfast. She asked who was born in Ireland and only about three people put their hands up, I gave a mention to Co. Clare and Limerick and got a shout out ‘up the banner’. We spoke to people during the evening, mostly Americans and some English.

 image image

 15th-16th March Bangkok – Chiang Mai Northern Thailand

On the 15th we took an overnight train to Chiang Mai and arrived at 10am. We checked into the Walk Inn Guesthouse. Later we went to Tiger Kingdom to see the tigers. We saw three month old baby tigers, medium and larger tigers and a lion.

image imageimage imageimage

 The tigers were born there and were very tame and relaxed. They were cute. We entered the large tigers den that had two males and two female tigers. That evening we headed for the Sunday walking markets and the night Bazzar which contained many more markets. We stopped of at a spa for a 30 minute fish foot spa which contained hundreds of tiny fish that nibbled at the dead skin on our feet.



2 thoughts on “Northern Thailand, Chiang mai and Pai

  1. Theresa Mc Guane. says:

    Thanks again Aisling.I enjoyed reading it all and seeing all the pictures.The streets of Pai and the cooking class.You look the real cook in the apron.

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