Mekong Delta Tour

Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam 15th-18th April
We are coming to our last days in Vietnam, we have really enjoyed the country. We booked a three day tour of the Mekong delta region travelling down South and then up towards the Cambodian boarder. On the third day, we took a slow boat to Phonm Penn. We purchased the visa’s on board the boat with the help of our tour guide. The first day of the tour we travelled by bus down to My Tho. Our first stop was for some fruit and tea and to listen to local musicians singing and playing musical instrument. The sound was quiet different to western music, a bit sore on the ears. We didn’t purchase the CD. After we took a small boat down the Mekong river, the river was quiet, we were on the look out for crocodiles but didn’t find any. Next stop was to a Coconut candy factory where we saw local people produce coconut sweets. We learned how the locals extract the coconut meat from the coconut, which is used for the sweets, they also make coconut oil. We sampled peanut coconut sweets and also coconut sweets with chocolate. They were tasty.

Next, we saw a local beehive and tasted the honey with some tea, it was very sweet. After, somebody took out a a four year old phyton which we got to hold. The skin was leathery and it wriggled around a lot.
P1040123 P1040212 P1040135 P1040143 P1040152 P1040166 P1040173 P1040169 P1040175 P1040189 P1040182 P1040186
Later, we travelled down the river and stopped off for lunch which was a simple dish of rice, veg and pork. We got chatting to a New Zealand couple and sat with them for lunch. After, we came back to the mainland and to the bus to take us to a nearby Pagoda and some budda’s. We then travelled by bus to Can Tho where we are staying in a bungalow, homestay. We made some more spring rolls. Paddy brushing up his skills learned in Halong Bay. We ate fish for dinner, with rice paper rolls and veg. The dinner was simple but tasty. 

P1040217 P1040226 P1040233 P1040235 P1040240 P1040249 P1040250 P1040256 P1040260 P1040271 P1040274 P1040286 P1040290 P1040293 P1040301 P1040305 P1040307 P1040310 P1040312 P1040328 P1040338 P1040339 P1040344 P1040358 P1040360 P1040363

Next morning, we went to the floating markets by boat which consisted of boats selling vegetables. Small boats would pull up to the boats and purchase veg, it was a wholesale market, with minimum quantities about 5kg of each product sold. Next we went to a local village and went for a cycle. The village was popular for making rice noddles, we watched a local family business make the rice noddles.

After lunch the tour travelled by bus up towards Chao Duc, town by the Cambodian boarder In the afternoon, we were back on the boat and touring around the area to see wild boards and a forest. It was really nice sailing around on the boat. That night we went for dinner in Chao Duc, there wasn’t many restaurant catering for tourists. We found a pizzeria eventually.

Next morning we went to see a fish farm who farmed Basa fish Telapia and after a family who weave scarf’s and old fashion Vietnamese  clothes. At 8.30am, we were back on the boat and cruising slowly up the Mekong River. We were the only two on the slow boat to the boarder, two hour boat ride. The other tourists chose the fast boat which seemed packed, we were happy with the slow boat as we got to see the countryside on the way, do some reading and take some photos. Our tour guide was very interested in taking photos, on the boat ride she asked to take our photos and ended up taking alot of us sitting on the boat. We had a laugh as we moved around to do another pose. It was funny.

At the boarder, she sorted out the paperwork for the visa’s and we were in Cambodia by lunchtime.

P1040393 P1040391 P1040493 P1040502 P1040506 P1040510 P1040514 P1040406 P1040408 P1040412 P1040422 P1040428 P1040436 P1040449 P1040450 P1040452 P1040457 P1040459 P1040514 P1040465 P1040466 P1040468 P1040470 P1040474 P1040480  P1040483 P1040491 P1040495  P1040502 P1040506 P1040510

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  1. Theresa Mc Guane. says:

    That was wonderful detail and pictures and it looks like weather is beautiful everywhere.It must take some time to post all that.

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