Phomn Penn, Cambodia

19th-21st April

We arrived in Phnom Penn in the afternoon and found a hotel close to the Palace which was pretty central. We walked around town for the afternoon and went for a few drinks that evening. The weather in Phnom Penn was 34 degrees. it felt very hot walking around. The city was large and cosmopolitan. We noticed alot of American cars including Rolls Royce and Bentleys.

P1040522 About to cross boarder into Cambodia

P1040524 P1040525

Quick pitts stop to change a tyre at the local garage # Quin Road Tyres in Cambodia

We stayed three days in Phnom, the second day we went to the genocide museum which was originally a school before it was taken over by the Khmer Rouge and turned into a prison back. It was very sad to see what went on there. Words can’t describe it. The killing fields were outside the city, we didn’t go. That evening we found a cool little cinema with beds to lie on, we watched the movie Joe which was good.

P1040585 P1040586

The next day, we went to see the Palace and walked around. I rocked up in shorts and t-shirt which wasn’t suitable attire, we went back to the hotel and I changed into pants and long sleeve shirt and we went back in the afternoon. The palace was stunning, with beautiful grounds and buildings. We spent a nice afternoon touring around and looking at the sights. They had a mini Angkor Wat which I thought was very impressive.

P1040539 P1040546 P1040549 P1040559 P1040572 P1040573 P1040578 P1040583   P1040594 P1040598 P1040603 P1040607 P1040610 P1040612 P1040617 P1040628 P1040635

The next day we decided to take a day bus to Siem Reap which took about 8 hours. It was a couple hours over schedule due to road works.

We really enjoyed Phnom Penn, the people were friendly, they didn’t really hassle you to buy stuff. The children were cute and very friendly. There was some child labour which was terrible to see. The country seems divided between those better off and the poor.

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