La Paz, Bolivia

20th – 26th May

We arrived in Laz at 8am after a 12 hour overnight bus. The journey was very cold and there was no blankets. The ride was bumpy also so we woke often during the night. The toilets were locked so we had to wait for stops to get off. Overall, the worst bus experience so far!! We were glad to arrive in La Paz.

The bus station is 10 minutes from the plaza centre so we walked down the town. The place was busy with everyone making their way to work.

On our first day, we took the free walking tour (3 hours) which was good. It ended at at the Presidente hotel with a nice view of the city.

P1060508 P1060498  P1060493 P1060502

P1060503 Famous prision run by inmates. Since 2010, it is no longer open to tourists, which is pity as we both were interested in taking a look inside. The wives and families live in the prision. Children live there until 11 yrs old. There are eight Bolivian Guards to look after the prision.

P1060520 P1060517


We did a one day mountain biking trip – Death Road. It consisted cycling downhill 23km on a paved road and another 34km downhill on Death road. Sadly, it is famous for cars and buses going over and also some tourists doing the mountain biking. The last cyclist to die was in 2011 and last car to go over the cliff was in 2012.

The biking was great fun. It was very fast, I fell behind the group but it didn´t matter as there was a guide behind me. We went through some waterfall and saw some amazing scenery. It was thrilling, I can´t believe we were going so fast and not falling off!

The last couple days both of us have been feeling under the weather. We caught a bug, from some food or drink we have consumed. Not sure where! Feeling a bit better today.

We were due to fly to the Amazon Sunday 25th May at 4.30pm but our flight was cancelled due to bad weather. The morning flights were also cancelled. We took a flight out the following morning. We stayed 7 night stay in the jungle and came back yesturday.

I was hoping to post more photos with this blog but I have not been able to as there was very poor internet in the Jungle. We are now in Copacabana and I need to get started on uploading photos for the next blog – The Jungle Tour!

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