The Adventures of Aisling and Patrick

1st March – Kuala Lumpar
We stayed at Furama hotel in Bukit Bin tang which was a nice hotel. We arrived late so we went to a bar nearby for a snack and a couple beers.
Taxi from airport to hotel 75 RMB

2nd March – Two Towers, Kuala Lumpar
Today we walked to the nearby shopping area called Sungei wang and lot 10. We also went through the parliament shopping centre for a quick browse.


Popped into Jimmy Choo and quickly released I needed to leave this shopping centre as it was out of my league.


 From here we walked into the city “golden triangle” area which was about 2km walk. The weather is humid and temperatures of about 34/35 degree. We walked to the two towers. Here is another large shopping centre under the two towers. We walked around the two towers and through the park to the hotel across the way as we saw a sign for sky bar in the Traders hotel. We has a drink in the sky bar and took in the great view of the towers. The bar had a nice swimming pool and comfy seats, great for an afternoon relaxing on our first day.


After this, we took a taxi to china town to see the local markets. The market area was a long street full of stalls selling all kind of knock-off designer labels, it is all about the haggling . We didn’t buy anything as it is a little early to be lugging stuff around but did some pricing around, not that cheap. We walked around for an hour and then stopped at a Chinese restaurant at the edge of the markets for dinner. The food was good, we thought maybe better than Zenith. We had a couple tiger beers. The bill came to 68 RMB for two mains and three beers. It started to rain which turned into a down pour. All the market owners were pushing the water off their tents and sweeping the water onto the roadway to keep their stalls clean. We ran for the nearest taxi to take us back to our hotel.

3rd March – Batu Caves, KL
Today we took the mono rail to the city and took the train to the Batu Caves. It is a sacred Hindu place of pilgrim. It has a large status of their god, which looks likes a Buda. We climbed a lot of steps to get up to the caves. There were lots of monkeys living on the side of the mountain, eating bananas. Tourists are not supposed to look the monkeys in the eye. The monkeys often steal from tourists.


We got the train back to Kl central and spotted a sign to Little India so we walked about 2km to that area. It started to rain again but we were mostly under cover. The streets were lined with little Indian restaurants and clothing stores. There were many stores selling women’s Shari. We stopped for food in an Indian restaurant. Menu’s were in Indian, so I pointed at the food on display and the waiter translated. We got a chicken curry and beef tikka with roti, naan and rice and two cokes. Bill came to 20RMB, cheap out.

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