Sucre, Capital of Bolivia

11th-18th May

We stayed one night in Uyuni and the following morning, we took a four hour bus to Potosi, the highest city in the world at 4500m. Potosi used to be a rich town from silver mining. Nowadays, there is mostly tin, lead and zinc mining going on. Paddy went on a tour into the working mine. The tour started with a visit to the market to purchase cocoa leaves and cigarettes for the miners. Paddy said he really enjoyed the tour. He came back pretty dirty.. The highlight was when the guide blew up a stick of dynamine in the mine, which Paddy purchased in the market!


The next evening, we took a three hour bus to Sucre. We booked into an Irish hostel there called Celtic Cross, which was recommended by a tourist we met in Uyuni. The hostel is opened three months and so far getting great reviews on Hostelworld. It is run by Daragh (Dublin guy) who is living in Bolivia three years, married to a lcoal girl. He was very welcoming and gave us recommendations on what to do and see in the city.

We stayed there seven days and we love the city. The weather was18-20 degrees and sunny. It was lovely to be back in the sun!

P1060362 P1060355 P1060330 P1060327 P1060324 P1060318 P1060309 P1060378

P1060379  P1060377Trying out the foods from the local markets in Sucre. The only issue at first was translating the menu.. the Spanish classes sorted that out! P1060373 P1060363  P1060294

The local market in Sucre were fantastic. The fruit and vegtables so fresh. In the markets they sold everything from condiments to fresh spices and fresh meat. We cooked in the hostel a bit, making Chile Con Carne and vegtable soup using the ingredients purchased at the markets.

IMG_4663 IMG_4667 IMG_4668 IMG_4670 IMG_4671 IMG_4674

We enrolled in Spanish lessons in Scure. Sucre is the place to do it in Bolivia as it is pretty cheap. It was $5usd p/h each for a private lesson for us both with the Bolivian Spanish School. The lessons were great, we had no Spanish when we came and now we are getting by and can understand better the times and cost and can ask for tickets/rooms etc.

The school held a cooking class one night which was fun, lots of drinking vodka and not much cooking. The receipe was emailed to me, in Spanish, so I will need to get Aunty Theresa to help me with the translation!

IMG_4699 Paddy doing his homework and practising his Spanish @ Celtic Cross Hostel


Paddy was doing better at picking up the Spanish. We did a little competition in class, name and spell in Spanish the fruits and vegtables. Paddy did very well and kept scoring points. The teacher kept saying “Muy Beana Patrick!”  or very good Patrick. I eventually made a sort of comeback but too little too late.

IMG_4717 IMG_4718IMG_4721

One evening, we watched a local fashion show. It was mentioned Mr South Amercia was going to be there. A large crowd turned out in the Plaza for the event.


Some models giving interviews earlier that day. P1060395 P1060484 P1060411 P1060423

We went to a local soccer game, Scure v Potosi. The place was lively with a huge turnout of local supporters. There wasn´t many tourist there. The game ended 1-0 to Sucre. The home crowd chanted and played drums throughout. There were more going on in the stadium than on the pitch but a good day out. They like their food and there were people selling popcorn, ice-cream, hot food and drinks throughout.

IMG_4739 IMG_4743

IMG_4762 IMG_4760 IMG_4749

After Sucre we took an overnight bus to La Paz.

3 thoughts on “Sucre, Capital of Bolivia

  1. Theresa Mc Guane. says:

    Glad ye liked Bolivia and ye had a week there and the Spanish lessons ye will be very good at the Spanish soon.What lovely markets the pictures are great of them.You must email me that recipe.Nice ye met up with that Irish hostel Celtic Cross.Ye are having wonderful experiences.

    • Theresa Mc Guane. says:

      Lovely ye went to Potosi as well.I love reading and listening to Spanish its just some things you cant translate directly.I get emails and send emails to some in Peru all the time so I am using the Spanish all the time.All the best again.

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